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Trade Bitcoin and Giftcards

With Rocket, be rest assured of trading your bitcoin and giftcards with ease and maximum security

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Fast Payout

You get paid immediately your transaction is completed. Directly to your bank account.

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Round the clock access

We are online 24/7 to do business and help you make money.

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Secure Trading

We handle millions in transactions daily; Trust us to pay you every single time.

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No extra charges

We charge nothing extra for transactions. You only pay according to our fixed rates.

Why you should trust Rocket

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Buy And Sell Bitcoin

You can now buy and sell bitcoin on our platform. Fund your BTC wallet and withdraw from your naira wallet. You can also receive, sell and send BTC from your BTC wallet

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100% Security

Fortified with KYC verification and 2 factor authentication, your Rocket app affords you all the security you need. All your transactions are completely safe and secure

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Add Bank Account

You can now upto 3 bank accounts to your wallet system and make transfers from your wallet to your bank account. It's simple

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An Integrated System

Transfer funds from your Bitcoin wallet to your naira wallet, then to your registered bank accounts with our integrated system. It's all in one

Get Started in 3 Steps

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Sign up...or not

You can sell bitcoin & giftcards to us without signing up. However you need to sign up to sell bitcoin, and for faster transactions

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Initiate Trade Easily

Initiate transactions from anywhere with the click of a button. We have the system to facilitate the smoothest buying and selling of the digital assets

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Get Paid Instantly

You get paid immediately, directly to your wallet or bank account

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What our customers say...

The best and reliable place to trade your bitcoin and gift cards with ease, tested trusted. the app deserve a 5 star rating.

Ugwoke Juliet

The user interface of this app is quite easy. No ads whatsoever to disturb you and no too much steps. They are the best I have used so far to exchange my cards and bitcoin. As for the rates.... Mind blowing to say the least. I strongly and highly recommend!!!

Uzondu Nzubechukwu Anowai

dis na the best site to trade your bitcoin and giftcard and dem dey pay sharparly, you no need wait for hours to get your money. Fast transaction, i will keep trading with you guys

Naza Kaka